Friday, April 16, 2010

A bunch of Type A's in the Desert

Convention 2010 Awards Banquet

My husband's unique and very rewarding job gives us the opportunity to take some great trips with some great people. This year Universal American gathered their best in show to an entertaining resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. We call these trips convention because the agents and managers go to meetings in the mornings and play the rest of the day (they call it a leaders summit, so official). Anyways, I get a kick out of these trips because you really encounter some unique and new people and you also get the chance to see some quirky sides to the people you already know. Where else can your husband win a golf tournament with a guy named Bull and witness the boss's Louis Vuitton wearing wife go off to a Nascar event? She did complain about having to eat hot dogs (I love you Julie!). I also came to appreciate my friends more. Since I was still rocking the cast, my gal pal Juli actually met me at the breakfast buffet to load up my plate for me, what a gem! And my brand new and very special friend Michelle was always there to rub sunblock on me and scold me for getting in the pool with my cast on. You haven't heard the best part though, trips like these remind us that people in Arkansas really are all related somehow. A guy out of the Little Rock office left his beautiful and extremely pregnant wife at home (yes, you Mr. Matt Teeter) and brought his cousin to enjoy some golf and, from what I witnessed, many seven and sevens. After being driven out to the desert for a ranch style western night, the Teeter cousins and I came to the realization that we were in fact related (my grandmother is a Teeter too, yes, the car dealer Teeters)! All in all we had a great time with great people and best of all I got to end it with Carol dancing and Blake ending the night with a glass of water (it's cuz he was up past nine). Native Americans jumped through hoops for us (literally) and Luke ate a $50 filet in the food court. What a week?! Oh and Juli, GTS!
Good Times,


  1. Very well done! You have summed it up nicely! Louis Vuitton wearing INDEED! Jules!

  2. Love it!! Miss you already chickie!



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